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It is the mission of Research & Defense Academy to give you the proper training and tools in order to immediately find a job in the security and investigation field or the trucking industry!

Research & Defense Academy (RDA) is committed to providing training of the highest standard in the security field.  Graduating students of RDA will receive training on the full spectrum of security with a proactive, intense, and engaging approach to the acquisition of skills necessary to be an asset of the highest value to any company operating within the field of training of the student.

When a student graduates from RDA in any capacity, they will be without question of the highest quality; in skill, ability, and knowledge in whatever course of study they have undertaken.  There will be no comparison. 

Graduates will be offered jobs in the specific field of security or investigation desired, or specific truck driving field desired. Upon graduation, the student will be ready for immediate employment at the company that may have sent the student to the Academy. If employment has not yet be secured, the Academy will direct hire the student into a local company, if available. Employment is near guaranteed! 

All fields of training at Research & Defense Academy will be useful in any State in the United States. Courses and training can be geared towards the requirements of the specified State if the student so desires.

“Deeds, not words!”

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we train you to be a professional private security guard


If you are already security guard company we train your guards to be the best in the field. We certify and re-certify unarmed and armed private security guards.

Your Security Guard Service Specialists

Not only does Research & Defense Academy provide professional services for students pursuing a career in the security industry, but we also provide training for current employees of security companies nationwide. We can provide training tailored to the proprietary training currently taught by any security company, often improving that training whether traditional security, executive protection, or anything in between.

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